Being a research university, ITU considers libraries among the most valuable resources that foster this quality, and it aims to continuously improve its library facilities in order to provide a rich scientific environment for research and facilitate access to information.  Therefore, it offers a rich learning space to students, academics, and researchers both inside and outside ITU with its main library and six branch libraries that operate under the Head of Department of ITU Library and Documentation. The aim of ITU Library is to meet the information and document needs of faculty, students, and employees in all kinds of environments, and to contribute to the accumulation, use and dissemination of knowledge on a regional and global scale. 

There is at least one library in all ITU campuses. The main library is Mustafa İnan Library, which is located at Ayazağa Campus, and it is open 24/7 throughout the year. There are also six branch libraries located in other campuses: Ratip Berker Library at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - Gümüşsuyu Campus; Architecture Library at the Faculty of Architecture - Taşkışla Campus; Management Library at the Faculty of Management, School of Foreign Languages Library, and Advanced Musical Research Library, all of which are located at Maçka Campus; Maritime Library at the Faculty of Maritime – Tuzla Campus.

ITU Library has a rich collection of documents including 500 thousand books and journals, 450 thousand master’s and doctoral theses, 40 thousand electronic books, 54 databases, and 6 thousand rare books. 

All the information regarding the libraries, opening hours, and databases can be accessed through the website. Information about the conditions of membership in ITU library, which is open to all users inside and outside the university, and the services that can be used without membership, are also accessible on the website.

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Librarian: Güler Şenol