CEFR Level   
Corresponding Score in the ITU Proficiency Exam   

ITU Proficiency Exam is administered in two sessions and comprised of the following sections (First Session: Section 1&2; Second Session: Section 3&4):

1.     The Use of English section of the exam constitutes 14% of the total grade, with 9 restatement questions and a cloze test consisting of 10 multiple choice questions.

2.     Reading comprehension makes up 36% of the exam and comprises of three adapted authentic texts covering scientific and social topics.

3.     Listening comprehension questions make up 20% of the exam, testing students' note-taking skills with a lecture primarily focused on scientific topics. Students first listen to the lecture and then answer the questions using their notes.

4.     The Writing section is divided into two parts, which together make up 30% of the exam. In the first part, students are required to write a 250/300-word academic essay. In the second part, they write a 150/225-word integrated essay synthesizing ideas from a short lecture and reading text.