New generation TOEFL is comprised of 4 parts :

Listening Comprehension

Reading Comprehension

Speaking skills

Writing skills are tested.

The test is evaluated out of 120 points in total, each part being evaluated out of 30 points.


TOEFL iBT and Recent Amendments

As of 2005, ETS has started to conduct the TOEFL Test via internet. Amendments that were made in the test can be listed as follows:


All the language skills that are important for effective communication are tested.

The test is conducted all over the world in safe test centers via internet.

Some questions measure candidates’ simultaneous use of multiple language skills. In order that students can use academic English successfully during their education, they will need to use language skills integratedly and simultaneously. The new integrated question type helps students successfully use effective communicational tools that they will need in academic environments they plan to be part of.


Required Skills in the Integrated Part

Reading- listening – answering the question by speaking

Listening – answering the question by speaking

Reading – listening – answering the question by writing

Formerly, language learning was based on grammar and students could achieve high scores without feeling the need to develop their communicative skills. However, nowadays, both teachers and learners appreciate the importance of communicating in English. Therefore, in the new test system, the Structure part is removed and the Speaking part is added instead. However, candidates are responsible for Structure in all parts. In the Speaking part, candidates speak into a microphone and they are able to listen to their recorded answers from their headphones. The answers are recorded digitally and sent to the Online Scoring Network of ETS. Experts evaluate these answers by listening to them on the Online Scoring Network.

• The Writing part has been extended. In the new test system, test candidates are asked to respond to the passages they read or listen and to write an essay in which they express their views. Similarly, experts will evaluate this part through the Online Scoring Network.

•  The new test lasts for approximately 4 hours. All the parts of the exam are completed in one day; therefore, candidates do not need to go to the test center for the second time.

•  Note-taking is allowed. Candidates can take notes in all parts of the exam and use their notes while answering the questions. When the test finishes, all note-taking papers are submitted to the test center in order to be annihilated.

•  The new scoring system makes it possible to demonstrate candidates’ competency in English. ETS provides comprehensive scoring information with its evaluation for separate scores for four language skills and an overall score. In addition to these scores, performance evaluation is presented in the score report.






3-4 passages each containing 10 questions

54-72 minutes


3-4 conferences each containing 6 questions
2-3 speeches each containing 5 questions

41-57 minutes


10 minutes


4 questions, 1 independent and 3 integrated

17 minutes


1 integrated part
1 independent part

20 minutes
30 minutes


Writing Essays in the New Test System

Unlike CBT, in TOEFL iBT test, the option to write the essay on paper is eliminated. In the Writing part, test candidates will only be able to type their essays on the computer. On the other hand, unlike the old system, it is possible to take notes in all parts. Papers needed for note-taking in the test will be provided by the test center.

Candidates are not allowed to bring their papers for note-taking. Papers to write notes on are handed out in the beginning of and collected at the end of the test.


The Evaluation of Writing and Speaking Parts

Whereas Reading and Listening parts will be evaluated directly by computer, Writing and Speaking parts will be evaluated by experts. Speaking and Writing answers recorded during the test are sent to ETS test center through internet. Different grading systems are used for the two parts. In the Writing part, four different grading systems (two gradings for each writing question) are used. In the Speaking part, 12 different grading systems (six gradings for each speaking question) are used. Writing questions are graded from 0 to 5 points, and Speaking questions are graded from 0 to 4 questions.



When and How to take the Test?

When you enter the TOEFL part in the website you will need to take username and password in order that you can see the test centers. After entering user information, select Turkey as country and determine the city in which you want to take the test.


To Take the Test in Istanbul at Istanbul Technical University

The students have to create a TOEFL iBT profile and receive an ETS ID through When Istanbul is selected as the place of test in the box that opens after selecting Turkey as country, test centers under this heading will be seen. Among the centers, Istanbul Technical University should be chosen.

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