Student Motivation Unit leads various activities aimed at increasing the potential of students by supporting their social, cultural, artistic and creative development.  It also tries to produce solutions that will support their adjustment to the program, surrounding culture and community, and acts as a bridge between students, academic and administrative units.

The student lounge in the Maçka SFL building has many easily accessible resources such as chess sets, a mini pool table, various instruments, a DVD player and many board games for our students to have a pleasant time together.

Student Clubs: SMU opens student club registrations each semester in order to support the social, cultural, artistic and creative development of students by allowing them to take part in activities related to their interests. Students become members of the club they are interested in and participate in its activities.

Active Student Clubs:

  • Drama Club
  • Film Analysis Club
  • Photography Club
  • Travel Club
  • Visual Arts Club
  • Music Club

Student Motivation Unit Activities:

SMU organizes exhibitions, workshops, theater performances and music concerts as a result of the work of student clubs. It supports the social and cultural development of students by allowing them to share their talents and productive habits with each other.

In addition to these, chess and table tennis tournaments are organized and various social responsibility projects are carried out with the support of volunteer students.