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About Undergraduate Preparatory Program Summer School

2023-2024 Academic Year Undergraduate Preparatory Program Summer School will be held face to face between July 1 and August 2, 2024, for a total of 150 hours. The classes will be held in MEDB on Maslak Campus. ​ Summer School Calendar: Week 1: July 1-5 Week 2: July 8-12 Week 3: July 16-20 Week 4: July 22-26 Week 5: July 29-August 2 ​ Classes will be held face to face from Monday to Thursday between 09:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00, and on Friday between 09:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00, 6 hours a day. ​ Summer School Registration and Fees: ​ Only students who took courses in the Undergraduate Preparatory Program in the 2023-2024 academic year are eligible to participate in the Summer School. ​ Registrations will be made between June 10 and June 14, 2024 via a help ticket. You can create a help ticket and apply through > Yardım Bileti Oluştur > Yabancı Diller Yüksekokulu > Yaz Okulu Kayıt Başvurusu. Your name, surname, student number, your level (P1/P2/P3/P4) and your ITU e-mail address must be written on the ticket. Summer school applications made through channels other than this will not be considered. ​ The class lists and classroom information will be posted at the entrance of the MEDB building on the morning of July 1st. ​ It will be possible to make payments via Vakıfbank Branches / ATM / Interactive Banking from 14:00 on July 3, 2024 until 17:00 on July 4, 2024. Students who do not pay their fees cannot continue classes. ​ When paying the Summer School fees, it is essential to specify the student number and process the payment, and the student number must be noted on the receipt. Click here for the 2023 - 2024 Summer School fees. ​ ​ Registration for summer education is at the student's discretion. It is not a prerequisite for taking the proficiency exam in August!

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