ITU’s vision is to become a national and international focal point of pioneering studies in the fields of science, technology, social sciences, and the arts. As English has become the primary world language, and ITU is dedicated to the advancement of learning and furtherance of research in the fields of science and technology in which English, in particular, is used, learning English will help students to broaden their horizons, while also enabling them to develop international contacts, expand their knowledge base, keep up with current developments and make their own contributions to their fields. As a higher education and research institution dedicated to the advancement of basic and applied sciences, ITU’s mission is to educate the technological leaders and entrepreneurs of the future in a rich intellectual environment sensitive to both local and global issues. Following the vision and mission of our university, as ITU SFL, our mission is to teach English to those technological leaders and enterpreneurs of the future in the field of science, technology, social sciences and the arts and help them communicate confidently in their future educational life in their faculties where English is used with the help of knowledge and skills in English they have attained in the SFL by raising responsible and self-confident individuals. In this respect, the objective of the language training program is to provide the students with sufficient language skills to follow the courses in their faculties, and to train them as productive individuals with their dynamism and contemporary values for engineering.