Why German?

For our students who want to do research, internship, master's or doctoral studies in Germany, German courses are taught as an elective foreign language at our university. Our mission is to help our students to successfully communicate in all academic, professional and social areas where German is used. Our aim is to contribute to the student’s adaptation to the global world by supporting their awareness and independence throughout their language learning process. Besides English, German is a particularly important requirement in the technical field. In addition, students show great interest in our lessons because they want to learn a second language by improving their knowledge of German, which they have received in secondary education.

General Information

Our courses are offered primarily to undergraduate students registered in all the faculties, institutes, and vocational schools of our university. However, graduate students can also benefit from the courses. Courses are offered in 8 different levels that range from elementary (ALM 101-102 / 201-202) to intermediate (ALM 301-302 /401-402).

German courses are offered to students four hours a week. Course registrations are made at the same time as other undergraduate courses through the automation system. Students are required to attend 70% of the total course hours. 

The levels that our courses correspond to are as follows:

A.1.1          ALM 101

A.1.2          ALM 102

A.2.1          ALM 201

A.2.2          ALM 202

B.1.1          ALM 301

B.1.2          ALM 302

B.2.1          ALM 401

B.2.2          ALM 402

ALM 101 is a beginner level course and it is designed for those who do not know German at all. Therefore, those who will learn German for the first time must enroll in this course. 

Those who have studied German before can learn their proficiency level by taking the placement test on the website of the publishing house of the textbook we use.

https://www.hueber.de/menschen/oet?niveau=a11  (If you have more than 25 correct answers in this test, enroll in ALM 102. Otherwise, enroll in ALM 101.)

https://www.hueber.de/menschen/oet?niveau=a21 (If you have more than 25 correct answers in this test, enroll in ALM 202. Otherwise, enroll in ALM 201.)

https://www.hueber.de/menschen/oet?niveau=b11 (If you have more than 25 correct answers in this test, enroll in ALM 302. Otherwise, enroll in ALM 301.)

https://www.hueber.de/sicher/oet?niveau=b21 (If you have more than 25 correct answers in this test, enroll in ALM 402. Otherwise, enroll in ALM 401.)

Coordinator: İnanç BAKKALBAŞI
E-Mail: bakkalbasi@itu.edu.tr