Undergraduate Preparatory Program - Frequently Asked Questions

1. I need a student certificate.

You can get the student certificate from the Registrar's Office or via http://turkiye.gov.tr.

2. I want to get a language certificate for my Erasmus application.

It is enough to take a screenshot of your proficiency exam result and upload it to the system for your Erasmus application. You can request an approved language document from the School of Foreign Languages Student Affairs Unit after you are accepted to the program.

3. What happens if I fail to fulfill the attendance requirement?

Then you cannot take the first Proficiency Exam to be held at the end of the academic year. You can apply for the following Proficiency Exams by registering as an undergraduate pending student. Please refer to the Student Handbook for the procedures to be followed for the particular term.

4. Will my scholarship be terminated if I am absent?

You need to contact Dormitories and Scholarships Coordinator at Maslak regarding this issue.

5. My exam grade or absenteeism hours entered in the system are incorrect. What should I do?

Please contact your Main Course instructor.


1. Which other exam results are accepted to qualify as proficient in English, and what are the minimum scores?

Please click here to see the table.

2. When is the next English Proficiency Exam?

You can find out the dates of the closest English Proficiency Exam and registration details by checking the Preparatory Academic Calendar.

3. Is the English Proficiency Exam held only for ITU students?

No. Non-ITU candidates can also apply for the exam. You need to apply from the non-ITU student category during the application stage.

4. How can I apply for the exam?

An announcement regarding the steps to be followed in the exam application is published on www.ydy.itu.edu.tr on the first day of the applications. You should follow the steps in this announcement.

5. I am a prep student. Can I take the Proficiency Exam after Fall Semester/Spring Semester?

There are conditions depending on the class levels for participation in the Proficiency Exam held at the end of Fall Semester and the one at the end of the academic year. Please refer to the relevant section in the Student Handbook.

6. How can I see my English Proficiency Exam result?

You can see the exam results on this page.

7. How can I get a document showing my English Proficiency Exam result?

You can create a ticket by visiting http://www.ydy2.itu.edu.tr/yeterlilik/ and following these steps: School of Foreign Languages > Student Affairs (Request for English Proficiency Exam Result Document > English Proficiency Exam Result Document. Please include the date of the exam and your student number in the ticket. 

8. Where can I find practice questions from previous English Proficiency Exams?

Click here to see the practice questions.

9. If I pass the English Proficiency Exam, can I still continue my studies in the prep program?

No, the students who pass the English Proficiency Exam continue their education in their departments.

10. I am a prep student. How can I view my grades and attendance?

You can see your grades and attendance details here.

11. How can I create an account on the Elma Exam Platform?

To create an account on the Elma Exam Platform, you need to follow these steps.

12. I am an undergraduate pending student. How many times am I eligible to take the proficiency exam?

You can find detailed information under Section 3 Article 9 of ITU Preparatory School Regulation.