Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center (PCGC)

ITU Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center is a student service unit within the Health, Culture and Sports Department. Apart from the academic development of the students, the aim of the center includes guiding students to

• be sensitive and responsible for both themselves and their environment
• be investigating, inquiring, and aware
• express feelings and thoughts appropriately
• be positive and having a constructive approach, being able to establish interpersonal relationships
• define their goals clearly and develop appropriate behavior and reflect on in order to achieve these goals
• enable them to grow up as individuals who tolerate individual differences

Our Services

• Individual Psychological Counseling
• Group Counseling
• Orientation and Guidance Services
• Preventive and Developmental Studies

Our services are free and only ITU students and staff can benefit from them. Confidentiality, trust and respect for personal rights are essential in our meetings. For individual counseling, an appointment should be made at or by visiting our offices.

Contact Info

Maçka PCG Center
İTÜ Preparatory School Building, Ground Flood, Room G2, Maçka Campus
Phone: 0 (212) 293 13 00 - 2169

Maslak PCG Center
İTÜ Former Rectorate Building 2nd Floor
İTÜ Maslak Ayazağa Campus
Phone: 0 (212) 285 70 24