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January 2023 Proficiency Exam Results are also provided below. The exam score can be seen with “student number” for ITU students, “candidate number” for those who have a candidate number for their graduate applications, and  “exam registration number” for other non-ITU candidates. Since the number needs to have 9 digits, please add the required number of zeros to the beginning if your number has fewer than 9 digits.

Proficiency Exam Inquiry

“1. Oturum Puanı” stands for Cloze Test, Restatement and Reading whereas “2. Oturum Puanı” stands for Listening, Acamic Essay and Integrated Task.

Objections for the grading of the essays have to be submitted until 5 pm, 23 January 2023 via ITU Yardım: > Yardım Bileti Oluştur > Yabancı Diller Yüksekokulu > İngilizce Yeterlilik Sınavı > İtiraz Başvuruları. Please include your name, surname, and student/candidate/registration number.

An announcement will be posted on this web page when the essays of the students who have submitted their objection e-mails have been re-graded.

School of Foreign Languages