Placement Exam for Students Registered After 5 October 2020

There will be an online placement exam on 19 and 20 October 2020 for students whose university registrations were done after 5 October 2020.

If you are registered through DGS, YKS Ek Yerleştirme, Foreign Students Exam, etc., you will be automatically on the exam list. There is no need for an extra registration.

The purpose of this exam is to measure the level of your English and to place you in a class at the right level. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A GRADE FOR THIS EXAM. Therefore, to be placed in the correct level, only answer the questions that you are sure that you know.

Also, during the exam, DO NOT RECEIVE HELP FROM ANY PERSON OR OUTSIDE SOURCE. Otherwise, your education will be at the wrong level and will be unproductive for you for the entire school year.

* The login information and the link will be sent your e-mail box ( you don’t have access to your account, you can get support from the IT Department ( or by opening a ticket through > Yardım Bileti Oluşturun > Bilgi İşlem Daire Başkanlığı > Kullanıcı Hesabı.)

* There will be another announcement on the page when the login information is sent to your accounts.

* The passwords have 10 characters. Make sure there is no extra space or character when you copy/paste it.

* You can take the exam only on a desktop or laptop computer. (No support for tablets or phones)

* You can only enter the exam through Google Chrome. (Open the exam link only on Chrome. No other browser is supported.)

* The computer time zone must be set to Turkey (GMT+03:00). If you change the computer time zone after the login, you must refresh the homepage.


* There will be no video or voice recording during the exam so you don’t need a camera or microphone.

* If a student is disconnected for technical reasons such as power or internet outage, if they can re-enter the system within 10 minutes at the latest, they will be able to continue the exam from where they left off.  

* The exam duration is 90 minutes and it starts with the first question. The exam has to be finished in one session. It’s not possible to start the exam and give breaks.

* It is not possible to return to the skipped questions in the exam. During the Reading Section reading text will be displayed for each question.

* Each question will be saved as you go on and at the end of the exam you must click on “Finish Test”. If you run out of time, your exam will be ended and the answers you have given will be saved automatically.

* The earliest and the latest date and hour that you can take the exam will be in the login information e-mail that will be sent to you.

* The level that you will be placed and all the other information that you will need will also be announced through